over on my back. We received the hour Zen Oil massage and it was outstanding! After cleaning up, we put on a second yet equally ridiculous pair of disposable underwear, crawled back under the sheets, and got a foot massage followed by a full body oil massage. They even let us get our massage together in the same room! Thai Integral 200 60 min Foot 60 min Thai 60 min Oil.

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Ive had one or two masseuses whove massaged my chest muscles, but its pretty rare since I have boobs. But nope, this woman managed to do it a second time with the other leg. Traditional Thai Massage, oil Massages Hot Stone Massages. His pair had stretched much more on him than they had on me and left nothing to the imagination. Pan's massage are by appointment only. Were sure there are a million Thai massage stories This is about the time when I wish I could speak Thai well enough to have my masseuse tell me some massage stories from their point of view. . Our body scrub came first. He could tell immediately that his masseuse didnt know what she was doing.

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Newbie No Pants Massage, during the last few days my family was in Thailand, I took them to a massage shop that Chris and I have been to several times. However, if a massage place has great reviews, hell consider it and treat himself. Of course there are embarrassing things that happen in an industry when customers are nearly naked. Weve had really good massages that have put us to sleep. Tripadvisor user If you want a truly excellent professional massage, that works deep into muscular tension, this is the place. They are what customer service is all about. Please read client testimonials, pan's Massage can help with: Trap nerves, physical injuries, migraine, tennis elbow, lower back pain, slip disc, sciatica, knee problem, twisted ankle, Parkinson's, Stroke recovery, stress, etc. You May Also Like.

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At one point, she managed to bend his leg in a way where he actually kicked himself right in his man parts. Our first Thai massage, wonderful experience. Massages are supposed to be a therapeutic or relaxing experience, not a kick in the balls, pun fully intended. Thai Ayotaya 105 30 min Foot 60 min Oil. It wasnt a big deal, but then one of the masseuses closed the curtains around the massage area indicating that we were to undress right there together and not separately in a changing room. This wasnt so bad except that when I wanted to go to the far massage table for a little privacy, therefore putting Chris between me and my dad, my massage lady insisted that I stay in the middle. Foot Massage, massages, discovery Foot or Head Shoulder Massage 45 30 min, hot Stone Foot Massage 105 75 min, hot Stone Massage 150 90 min. When everything was over, the masseuses left the room and finally allowed us to change in privacy. This is where the masseuse lifts up the cloth covering my body, and although she cant see me, for a moment Ill be completely exposed to either Chris (ok) or my dad (not ok). Although the bottom half was frosted glass, the top half was completely clear. We requested two oil massages (for me and my sister) and two foot massages for my parents. We were asked to undress and put on plastic shower caps (how sexy) and these itty bitty black pairs of disposable underwear before crawling under our sheets on the massage beds. My advice to anyone contemplating a course of treatment with Pan is to persevere for at least 3 sessions of 2 hours and then experience the results" read client testimonials, copyright Pan Thai Massage All rights reserved Photography by Andy Gott. Contents, birthday Suit Massage, for my last birthday, Chris treated me to a full day of massages. Evidently, this was my dads first full body oil massage and when they instructed him to undress, well, he did. Deep Tissue Oil Massage 90 60 min also available as 90 min and 120 min. My parents were seated in the front area of the massage shop and my sister and I were taken to the back. The one time, im sharing the same massage space with another person is when Im completely topless and getting my pecs massaged. Do you have any funny or embarrassing Thai massage stories?

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