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Alio, Jacqueline. Lucia Day is popular among Scandinavian Americans, and is practiced in many different contexts, including (but not limited to) parties, at home, in churches, and through organizations across the country. Here, it is traditional to eat whole grains instead of bread on 13 December. Nedan har du lite kort information om vilka vi är: Charlotte är en kvinna på 37 år som har två barn tillsammans med sin sambo, hon gillar känslan av att vara otrogen och vill därför mer än gärna vara med på gruppknull. Some trace the "re-birth" of the Lucy celebrations in Sweden to the tradition in German Protestant families of having girls dressed as angelic Christ children, handing out Christmas presents. In northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia, Spain and the Canary Islands, her day fell on the shortest day of the year and was celebrated as they turned from the long winter nights and began to look forward to longer days. Companion to the Calendar. Later on in the day, the procession usually visits local retirement homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. 34 In the past, a jour ouvert celebration has continued into the sunrise of 13 December.

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The so-called "star boys" follow Lucia in the procession. In Norway, Sweden and Swedish-speaking regions of Finland, as songs are sung, girls dressed as Saint Lucia carry cookies and saffron buns in procession, which "symbolizes bringing the light of Christianity throughout world darkness." 6 In both Protestant and Catholic churches, boys participate in the. Lucy's life when she was sentenced to be burned. Men aldrig blivit så blöt mellan benen som. Her name is included in the Canons of the Roman and Ambrosian rites and occurs in the oldest sacramentaries, in Greek liturgical books, and in the marble calendar of Naples.In England two ancient churches were dedicated to her, and she has certainly been known since. In the Nordic countries edit Lucias singing In Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, Lucy (called Lucia ) is venerated on 13 December in a ceremony where a girl is elected to portray Lucia.


Oslo milf spruter. Blunt, John Henry Blunt. The regional Lucies will visit shopping malls, old people's homes and churches, singing and handing out gingernut cookies ( pepparkakor ). It was not until after World War II that the modern celebration of Lucia in Norway became adopted on a larger scale. Hon ogillar förhållanden starkt och gillar att vara på driv hela tiden. A fourth-century inscription mentioning that a girl called Euskia died on Lucia's feast-day survives at Syracuse. On 13 December a silver statue.

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